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Public Computing

Public computing facilities – whether it’s shared workstations, or public WiFi – often get a bad reputation, and it’s often no wonder why this is the case.  There are many security threats out on the Internet, and keeping shared computing stations running quickly while remaining “safe and clean” from new and emerging threats is often a challenge for even the most diligent and well-trained IT professionals.

At RiteTech, our principal consultant and co-founder has years of professional experience from the financial services and IT security disciplines.  His philosophy of “practical, prioritized security” helps to ensure that RiteTech’s managed solutions keep system downtime and productivity losses due to unexpected incidents to a minimum, while keeping reliability and customer satisfaction high.

Contact us to learn more about how RiteTech can help your organization with public computing and WiFi challenges.




Public WiFi done Right: WiFi done “RiteTech”

Isn’t it amazing how WiFi has gone from “luxury”, to “nice-to-have”, to “must-have” – in just a few short years?  Who would have imagined that small, portable devices such as cell phones and tablets would start to become the primary and most frequent devices for accessing the Internet for the vast majority of the modern world?

WiFi presents more than its fair share of challenges, when making arrangements for public access.  Many factors have to be taken into consideration, including appropriate radio coverage, potential interference sources, setting and enforcing a security policy, time and traffic limits, and so forth.  Contact the experts at RiteTech for more information about some of the pro’s, con’s, and success stories that our team has experienced with public and private WiFi.

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