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For Those Who Want to Call Best Buy Retail Stores Directly – Here’s How!

Hi all,

Running into an interesting situation in the local area recently, wanted me to stop and pause and ponder the following interesting “head-scratching” observation:

Why do some retail stores, like Best Buy, make it almost impossible to directly call individual stores in their chain anymore?  They pretty much force you to call a centralized number, which then either has to call the stores directly, or awkwardly try to transfer you, or otherwise act as an intermediary.

We’ll probably have to chalk this up as something that probably looked good “on paper” on a management executive’s business plan somewhere (“We’ll save tons of money and labor on telephone-based distractions!”) – but, probably didn’t really pan out that well in practice.  Like, when you’re trying to scour the local area for a hard-to-find item, and then have to call each individual store to verify inventory.

Oh, and for those who really want to call a Best Buy store directly in the DC Area, here’s the handy list of numbers that we generated (below).

Special thanks to Selene B. and Mallory W. for this tip!  Enjoy!:


Fair Lakes – (703) 631-3332

Fair Oaks Mall (BB Mobile) – (703) 218-4884

Fairfax – (703) 764-7440

Tysons – (703) 748-9814

Reston – (703) 787-3760

Springfield – (703) 922-4980

Falls Church – (703) 671-0184

Manassas – (703) 257-7474

Woodbridge – (703) 490-7499

Arlington (Hayes) – (703) 414-7090

DC (14th St NW) – (202) 387-6150

Sterling – (703) 430-2150

DC (Wisconsin) – (202) 895-1580

Rockville – (301) 984-1479

Leesburg – (703) 669-4100

Alexandria – (703) 519-0940

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