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Liquid Beverage Damage to Dave’s Laptop: Delicious, but deadly!

… So, for those of you who think that these kinds of perils can’t happen to your favorite IT company – think again! …

This time, it was Dave’s laptop that was the victim of liquid damage – specifically, the display. Yes, this does really happen – even to IT people. How exactly Dave’s laptop screen got damaged by liquid is not important. The type of beverage involved in said liquid is also not important, although I will say that had it been alcoholic, I probably would have felt better about how things went over the next few hours than I actually did…

The laptop’s LCD screen, shall we say, was not very happy to be entirely saturated in liquid, regardless of whether it was a beverage, or not, or regardless of its alcoholic content (or lack thereof). The LCD screen took on kind of an unhealthy, “puffy”, almost “swollen” sort of a look, kind of like it had gotten punched in the face, or some kind of strange infection…

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Organization Goes Low Tech

Happy New Year!

What are your resolutions for the year?  I’m guessing almost everyone wants to be more organized, correct?

I am no exception.  My desk is never as neat as I want it to be and I always seem to have tons of receipts and pieces of paper in my purse and computer back.  I’m a tech geek, I am proud to say, so all my contacts, emails and calendar items live happily on my laptop, iPhone and iPad.

But…I like lists.  To Do Lists.  Grocery Lists.  Lists of things to pack on vacation, lists of development ideas  – well, you get the idea.

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