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Tight Budget?

Keep your Budget and your piggy bank happy with Phone & Internet Solutions that always have “5 Bars” to your business location!

Interested in Discounts for Internet, Phone, VPN, and Cellular Service? Save up to 10-25% or more – including further discounts for multiple locations!

RiteTech provides free phone/Internet usage analysis to qualified organizations! And, we partner with Cellular companies who will Guarantee Cellular reception to your primary location!

When was the last time that your organization – or those that you help manage – took a close look at your telephone, mobile, and/or Internet bills? Are you really getting the best speed, service and value for your fees? Contact the experts at RiteTech to find out how!

Cloud Power

Microsoft Office 365 Now Available! cloud power
Have you Heard? Office 365 is the same set of familiar Microsoft Office Collaboration and Productivity tools, now delivered via the Web, or installed on your local PC or servers. It’s your call!

Office 365 revolutionizes Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMB’s) by now offering productivity and reliability options that have been either cost- or equipment- intensive up until now. With Office 365, SMB’s can now choose to host their business-critical data and applications such as Microsoft Exchange E-Mail, Microsoft SharePoint, etc. fully in the “Cloud”, helping to reduce the expense, maintenance needs, and reliability challenges of “hosting” such a complicated and critical system in a traditional SMB office setting. The familiar Microsoft Office software is also now available with a Cloud option, as well. For more information, contact RiteTech sales at (703) 561-0607, or

More Ways To Save

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Volume Licensing helps save money!

Save on upgrading existing PC’s to Windows7 and Office 2010! Office has a number of new features, including better graphics and transitions in PowerPoint, advanced graphing and analysis options in Excel, and a number of e-mail and communications enhancements in
Outlook. Contact our Sales group at (703) 561-0607 for further information about Office 2010 and Microsoft Volume Licensing.

Is Your Data Safe?

Rite Tech can help protect your organization’s data!

Is your organization’s critical DATA being backed up securely, in case of a “coffee spill”, virus attack, or other unexpected incident?? Don’t take a chance! Ask RiteTech to help protect your organization up front.

RiteTech offers a number of traditional (on-site) and off-site (Internet-based and site-to-site) data backup solutions that are affordable, proven, field-tested, and are also the same ones that we use internally to protect our own critical servers, accounting systems, web sites, and databases. Don’t let an unexpected PC failure or virus attack ruin months or years’ worth of work!

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