HOA Saves $1-$2K Per MONTH over Verizon…


One of the more interesting and potentially beneficial services that RiteTech offers to prospective and current clients, is a Complimentary Telecommunications Expense review.

Here’s how it works:

A qualifying organization has a brief conversation with one of our staff members about their current set-up in terms of telecommunications, Internet provider, etc..  Typically, within a few minutes by phone by our staff asking a few simple questions, we are able to identify whether or not that organization may benefit from a more in depth, complimentary telecommunications expense review.

Our review does not cost anything for qualifying organizations.  Typically, a complimentary on-site survey and initial in-person consultation, is also included in the review.  After this occurs, RiteTech is able to provide an optional, competitive telecommunications expense proposal, which can often yield significant savings and price protections over the life of the telecommunications contract (typically 3 years).

Unlike other firms – with our deep experience with the property management and HOA industries – we are cognizant of some of the industry-specific questions or concerns regarding specialized devices, such as elevator phones, door entry phones, fire/alarm panels, and other similar devices that may require special handling.  We work carefully and diligently to help ensure that our clients have a positive and superior customer experience with our staff, as well as our telecommunications carrier/partners.

To provide some real-life examples just from this month alone (August 2013), we are working with completing the analysis of two different larger buildings who each have 20-40 Verizon phone lines.  In one case, the one HOA or building is spending approximately $2200 per month on Verizon Bills; we’re able to get that down to about $700-$900 Monthly.  In another case, they are spending closer to $1400-$1500 monthly, and we’re able to get it down closer to $600-$700.

To learn more – please contact us at (703) 657-5200.


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