Tablet Wars: Google Nexus vs. iPad?

We just finished up an in-person marketing event on behalf of Constant Contact on Tuesday 10/2, with the McLean Chamber of Commerce.  One of the items at our table which got an interesting amount of attention, was my Google Nexus 7 tablet.  So much so, that I figured I’d write a quick blog piece about it.

Those following this blog may remember that I got the Nexus tablet several weeks ago, back when it was still very difficult to find in retail stores, from Walmart, of all places.  As I had mentioned in the prior blog entry, I had been blessed with the good fortune of having won an original iPad in a raffle about 2 years ago.  I had considered getting one of the newer ones (e.g. iPad2 or iPad3, or whatever they’re calling the latest one) – however, I really wanted something that was even smaller than the iPad.

I’ve been pretty happy with the Google Nexus 7, predominantly for its size.  I still like Apple’s iOS much better than Android overall, for many reasons.  However, I am very glad and very appreciative that Android exists – also, for many reasons – including some of those mentioned in prior blog entries.  However, when going out or needing to whip out a small computing device that isn’t a full laptop – the Nexus does the job very well.

However, when I’m doing “casual computing” at home – including playing around with music (e.g. Garage Band and videos), I definitely prefer either (a) A full computer, or (b) an iPad – so I use my larger, full iPad at home for those instances.  And, the main reason for that, is simply the software.  There is no Garage Band, iMovie, etc. available for the Nexus.

Another minor Nexus tablet disappointment – although more Microsoft’s issue, than Google – is that the Microsoft Lync IM/communicator client for Android does not work on the Google Nexus tablet.  This is apparently due to some sort of coding of the application within Google Play’s store.  Apparently the Lync software insists that it needs to run on a telephone-capable device (such as an Android phone), and since the Google Tablet isn’t considered a phone, it refuses to install from the Play store.  This is annoying because we use Lync heavily at RiteTech, and generally for Instant Messaging within the organization – not for phone calls via Lync.   Hopefully this is something that Microsoft will address soon.

The latest “rumor” that I’ve heard is that Apple’s newest smaller iPad may be announced around October 31.  I’m not sure if that’s really true (who is??), however it will definitely be worth a closer look when it comes out.  Maybe I’ll end up selling my Nexus tablet in favor of that device, depending on when it comes out, and how well Apple does with its design.  😉


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