Why is it always “about the UPS”: (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

Sometimes the lowest-tech problems can have the highest-tech implications.  Yes, here we’re talking about the Power.  The Electrical Power, that is…

It probably goes without saying that pretty much everything related to modern Information Technology (IT) and communication devices require reliable power in order to function.  However, we at RiteTech are constantly amazed (and shocked, forgive the pun), that many organizations’ critical infrastructure frequently has insufficient backup power to protect them from even very short or minor power fluctuations, or disruptions.

I think that pretty much everyone has had the unpleasant experience of at least one time having worked on a traditional desktop PC which didn’t have backup power protection, only to have some of their work lost due to an unexpected power outage or traumatic “unplugging”.  Now, imagine that same scenario on the scale of an entire office “outage”.  That’s exactly what can happen when critical infrastructure such as network routers, switches, firewalls, WiFi access points, phone systems, or other devices are not connected to some sort of Uninterruptable Power Supply, or “UPS”.

There are UPS’s with many fancy features, but essentially at the core, they’re just a glorified “giant battery” (or series of batteries) which helps provide at least a few minutes’ worth of emergency power to the critical devices plugged into them.  RiteTech’s favorite type of UPS in particular, also has the added benefits of a display which counts down the amount of remaining backup power (in minutes), which can be particularly handy during a power-outage situation.  Our favorite UPS also has 1-2 USB-charge slots on the front, which can be very handy to plug in an iPhone or other mobile device to charge its power – regardless of whether the “main power” is on or off.

For more information about our “favorite UPS”, and how we can help you get one, contact us…


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