Organization Goes Low Tech

Happy New Year!

What are your resolutions for the year?  I’m guessing almost everyone wants to be more organized, correct?

I am no exception.  My desk is never as neat as I want it to be and I always seem to have tons of receipts and pieces of paper in my purse and computer back.  I’m a tech geek, I am proud to say, so all my contacts, emails and calendar items live happily on my laptop, iPhone and iPad.

But…I like lists.  To Do Lists.  Grocery Lists.  Lists of things to pack on vacation, lists of development ideas  – well, you get the idea.

I’ve read a few interesting articles on  lately.  The first was from  Dec. 29 and talked about how people are going back to paper organization.  This really resonated with me because I do like writing things down and having things to physically check off and doodle on.  I almost always take meeting notes with pen and paper and the last time I took them down on my laptop I spent half an hour scouring all my notepads for the notes before remembering to look in my computer!

Another article was posted yesterday on how to find the perfect planner.  This article lists a lot of great sources for finding organizational items, just what we all need, right?

But my ultimate inspirational moment came when walking into a Staples store yesterday and stumbling across a huge display of items part of the the Martha Stewart / Avery / Staples collaboration.  I was in awe!  Some of the products were your standard binders and pages, but they all looked so nice!  And labels  – oh the labels!  I love all things sticky and had to stop myself from buying one of everything.  I walked about with a few items, so I was able to control myself.

The bad news – or good news depending on how you look at it – is that I live within walking distance of a Staples!

So whether you use technology or the good old pen and paper, we at RiteTech hope you reach all your goals for the year and find the best way to stay organized.


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